03Bes sobre la sorra


From the series: Poetic Landscapes
Unique piece signed by the artist
Size: 82x82cm
Pictorial concept created by mix media:
Picture made with photographs, scanned images, screenshots, draws…
Final construction: Glicèe print + White wooden frame + UV methacrylate + PVC on the back

RIBES’ artwork lies at the crossroads between art and graphic design, traditional painting and new technology. RIBES trained in classic analogue methods, and is well-versed in the history of art and techniques such as drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and so on, until the end of the 20th century. He now creates and evolves these forms digitally, which makes him a hybrid artist, a paradigm of today’s contemporary art.

“I create my works digitally and output them in a classic style, in frames, using modern artistic printing and reproduction technology. My humble view and status conceal a desire to transgress in taking traditional painting to digital settings both in a conceptual and technological sense.”

Talk to the artist at: [email protected]

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