07 Nº1244 brooch, 2008. Series UTOPOS


Oxidized nickel silver, silver, plastic, paper on resin, onyx, pearl, enamel on cooper. 6 x 8,5 x 1 cm.

Utopos is a metaphor about non-existent or unreachable places. It also alludes to the impossibility of achieving the perfect creative work. It is a poetic way of expressing the uncertainties about the possibility of reaching a little more knowledge and wisdom through Art.

Creating is thinking, questioning oneself about big or small things, through the gesture of the hands in contact with the form and the matter. By looking at and touching what appears during the creative process, one feels the experience of a small epiphany, of something that was invisible before and that little by little has become corporeal. From darkness to light, the process repeats itself over and over again, like a permanent day capo. Always looking, I do not know if perfection, but in any case something that is not known exactly how it is.

The hands and eyes that frequently appear in these works are a way of showing this process of searching, looking and touching, or trying to get closer to something undefined, blank. Curiosity is the necessary attitude, it is an atavistic instinct that we share with many other living beings, and that sometimes, satisfying this curiosity implies taking some risk.

The hand and the look are a symbol of how we have to approach that knowledge, not conquering it but understanding it.

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