06 Nº 1598 Brooch, 2015 "Subtle Architectures Series"


Oxidized nickel silver, enamel on steel, plastic. 6 x 10 x 2 cm.

These works are an uninterrupted continuation of the Net-Works series. The language is less austere, the virtual and real planes are balanced. The need to use color appears again, new materials come into play, especially fire enamel on copper and steel, and also a strange and artificial material, reconstituted stones.
These changes occur when there is a danger that a work methodology will produce too predictable results. When there is the danger that they become a simple formula that does not add anything new and surprising, when seeing what has been done does not represent a disconcerting experience. Then it is time to find another way of working, sometimes this is a break, sometimes it is simply an evolution, as in this case.

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