02 Nº1344 pendant, 2010. "Net-work Series"


Oxidized nickel silver, steel, silver. 4 x 11,5 x 2 cm.

Juan-Eduardo Cirlot in his book The Spirit of the Abstract, said “Abstraction is dialectically opposed to the world-that-exists. It is a visualization of energy, in its rhythms, in its ordering or constraining forms, or in its expansive and triggering forms” In these works I feel very close to this definition of the abstract by Cirlot. Each of the works is structured based on a strict compositional and morphological syntax, trying at the same time to give a polyphonic feeling. As if looking for a sound and harmonies that have to appear from the relationships between straight and curved lines, and from the contrast between different planes. I try to give a sense of order that is expressed as a metaphor. But at the same time trying not to be seen, not to be perceived at first glance, but rather that the gaze wanders and makes a subtle journey of visual itineraries, exploring and discovering the relationships of harmony and contrast between the different parts of the composition, making a tempo necessary so that the gaze can be placed on all parts of the work. Claiming once again that the viewer’s look is not a passive look, but rather participatory.

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