Antonia Cortijos

I was born in the mid-20th century and in the late sixties I became one of the students in the fourth Design class at the Massana School and I worked as a designer for the next 15 years, until I re-enrolled in Massana, this time to study painting. I have successfully exhibited and have also illustrated children’s and adult books. At the beginning of the third millennium I feel the need to write, it is not very different from painting, you tell stories, you recreate feelings. In 2005 Plaza & Janes published my first book “El Diario de Tapas Rojas” which this year has been reissued by Editorial DAX. Edebe publishes the second, this time a children’s “Water noise” Editorial DAX the third, “Atlántidas” and the fourth, from the same editorial “Las voces de la Memoria” will appear in early 2021. But I am above all a woman of image, so since 2007 I have returned to painting and made different solo exhibitions and some group exhibitions with the group of painters “La Mirada expandida” with which I collaborate.

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