Lola Gratacós

An exhibition of Lola Gratacós where she shows her jewellery and ceramic pieces together.

Lola started in Joyas Sensacionales seeking to let aside her ceramist comfort zone and to explore an artistic language that allowed her to express herself in a freer way, not so very much conditioned by shape itself. Now, ceramics has become the essence that pinpoints and enriches her pieces of jewellery. She has succeeded in turning out jewellery to be the means that has allowed her ceramics to leave home and became wearable.
Her pieces often show a game of tensions between two elements, a dialogue emerging from the experimental process with both materials, ceramics, and metal, where the main character is texture and at times image. She often finds her inspiration in nature as in the astonishing textures that suggest tree bark or the sea.

“Impossible buildings, dreamt architectures conform a scenery where the spectator follows his own path with no prefixed destiny, walking through them in a state of watch where reality and fiction mingle.
Walking through structures connected by gangways, slopes, and bridges, to get nowhere.
Back and forth to the rhythm of our vital experience.”

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