Terretoris ficticis

by Ana Campos

Fatima Tocornal, Xus Anglès, Núria Anguren and Gemma Canal exhibit jewellery pieces, and guest artist Març Rabal shows collages in the Sala Perill. Barcelona, May 2017.

If we take just a quick  look  at the collection we could say there is not a lot in common between the jewellery pieces and the collages. But all of them have in common the conscious fact of following one road, with the journey being slippery in its nature, to arrive eventually at the destination territory. Like always in Art “the road is made by walking”, and this equally applies to the process of constructing art pieces. This concept is common in all of the works, but every road is different, and therefore every work is different. The artists are walking to drive for different poetical and communicative reasons, as well as personal ones. There are subjective intuitions and a consciousness within the artists hands, and this is what drives the works along the road towards becoming Art.

Another common aspect is evident: It is about fiction. Like it is stated in the title of this exhibition” Fictitious territories” this means that through different personal roads one will arrive at a common place that is fictional. Art always has something related to fiction, with the invention of worlds. The artists argue about everyday life and the subjective life that leads each work.

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