Joyas Sensacionales 2008

Silvia Walz launched the project Joyas Sensacionales in 2008 when Taller Perill had just started its activity as a jewellery school and workshop in Barcelona, created by Alicia Giráldez in the same year.  She invited mainly ex-students from Escola Massana, Barcelona art school to take part in a jewellery group as a common context to work together.   Her underlying idea was to create a group where the jeweller might find some answers to personal questions and not find him or herself just isolated in the workshop, with nobody around to communicate to.   The approach has been to work on a common theme or subject periodically presented by Silvia in order to enhance and improve the creative process of the members of the group in the search of a personal artistic language and taking advantage of sharing opinions, visions, capacities and personalities in the group.   For 10 years, weekly and theme after theme, the group has squeezed feelings and sensations, given way to imagination and fantasy, and exploited technical capacities to the limit to materialize a heap of meaningful jewellery pieces, of pieces full of intention and personal expression.   The work in common has given as a result, beautiful sets of pieces linked by the same concept but strongly expressing the individual artistic personality and evolution of each of the members of the group.   Over time, these sets or theme results have been presented in exhibitions at different galleries and events devoted to contemporary jewellery in Barcelona and other Spanish and European cities.   In Silvia’s own words:   “…I have to admit that the project I started timidly, has far exceeded my own expectations. In 2008 I could never have imagined that we would still be together in 2017, and with such a strength. Almost half of the artists in the beginning is still in the group, the other half has been changing. All the members in the group, both those who have stayed and those who have participated have helped the project to become what it is today: a group where the agreement is generosity and good understanding. During these years we have learnt to look at our mate’s work, to criticize wisely or encourage friendly. The main goal has always been to support the personal artistic growth of the members in the group.”   Silvia Walz, 2017

Silvia Walz
Alicia Giráldez
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