Fátima Tocornal: Jewellery, Painting and Prints

“After 25 years painting and making video art, in 2007 I felt the need of exploring volume. I started with small silver sculptures and art objects and very soon after with artistic jewellery as a member of Joyas Sensacionales group, without leaving aside two-dimensional work. In every of the subjects proposed I have explored a connection between these two languages, learning the technical aspects and feeling free in the art jewellery field.
I like the idea of small art pieces to wear.”
Fatima Tocornal

“When I observe her work it takes me to a landscape where nature and dialogue are united creating a moment of reflection, of instrospection, a balance between the individual and whatever surrounds us, even when imaginary, dreamt or even utopian. It takes me to a meeting point but most times to a feminine world.”
Lourdes Carmelo

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