“En Camino”

Expo de joyería contemporánea “En Camino”, la primera del ciclo “A la sombra de la mano”, inauguración 10 de mayo 2017 a las 19:00 en Sala Perill, Barcelona

Montserrat Lacomba
Throughout life we stick to a certain path but sometimes we mistakenly stumble on another. When we find ourselves in the middle of an undesired path and realize that we have strayed, we try to get our bearings. In the same way that a GPS would recalculate its route if we missed a turn on our journey, we go on. Time waits for no one. Setting out on one path over another isn’t easy because we know that it will give rise to subsequent events that could be completely opposite.
Eva Pons invites our gaze to go up and down with her symbolic stairs, metaphors for the passing of time. Form and volume are the focal point here and the use of colour conveniently allows her to contrast the elements that shape her jewellery. Clara Niubo, who highlights horizontality in her enlightened paths, showcases pieces in which she has joined together fragments from the past to take on new, irregular shapes. She places them next to colourful, geometric figures that, in their simplicity, evoke future wishes.
Alicia Giraldez talks to us about movement. In her pieces, she joins together small patches of colour by way of straight lines, paths that take us from one patch to another. They connect to each other in a coming and going fashion, with changes in colour and contour. Lourdes Carmelo picks and gathers things that grab her attention the most on her imagined paths, to then analyse and synthesise them in her jewellery. In an abundant treat for the eyes, saturated colours cover the surfaces of shapes, with architectural references and allusions to nature.
The journey of contemporary jewellery-making is a difficult one, just as any other art-related path can be. We who devote ourselves to it already know. At first it seems easy because its beauty blinds us. As we delve further into it we run into complicated moments, but the desire and unrest that the creative process induces pushes you to keep on going.
Fortunately, it is precisely in this way that obstacles are overcome. Lourdes, Alicia, Clara and Eva have chosen to journey together in this exhibition, also inviting video artist Ramon Caus to participate with one of his sculptural works. Clearly, opening new pathways in good company is very enriching, it allows us to join our efforts and share valuable observations.
May your paths be fruitful my jeweller friends!

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